A Hypnagogic afterthought

A mind unstable can begin to see things out of the corner of an eye. A mind unstable can start believing things are possible in the realm of improbable. Say this creature has risen from the depths of a human host, and not the depths of the sea; glowing medusas in the forms of ghosts,

casting no shadows

moving free.

A mind in the trance of T R A U M A can see far beyond the sound.

We cope.

We see.

We document.

427 moon cycles, 84 without incident: The rest have been a catalogue of disturbances recorded in the mind and body as extractions and scars. How well we compensate, but never quite heal. The polyps have taken and now begin the growth. Fluorescents have conjugated with specimens. Specimen now budding. Release of creature imminent. Host may be lost, save the specimen at all cost.

What can we say of the broken that cannot be fixed? The broken tend to their wounds. Some broken can be mended. Others begin to see. Visions from the corner of the eye move to the middle, and here we then begin to document. Host now hunter for the things others cannot envision. Emerges now, the Hypnogogic Zoologist, hunter of specimens, cataloger of lifecycles and anecdotal dogmatist in a room full of scientific atheists. If truth is based on fact and reality, what is to be said of the reality we make for ourselves.